Basic Things to Do to boost immunity about any illnesses, viruses and “disease“

1.) Detox - here is my article on it *wink wink* ( 2.) Eliminate or highly restrict processed food, animal products, junk food, food high in chemicals, food harder to the digestive system 3.) Eat Fresh Fruits and Veggies (Organic / Non-GMO preferably if not organic just clean wash Herbicides pesticides and other chemicals off) 4.) Get some fresh air and sunlight (going outside opening the windows to let air flow) 5.)Intermitted Fasting / a day of fasting, a day of resting for the body (I will delve into different levels of fasting soon. 6.) Do something you enjoy and love 7.) Try to reduce worrying and stress.

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        Please Note (Disclaimer:  We do not claim to be licensed physicians, therefore we do not diagnose or cure.) Felicia is a Certified Detox Specialist, Certified Clinical Iridologist and Regeneration Specialist, With the intent to empower her clients to assist their bodies in detoxification, healing, recovery process from toxins,unhealthy lifestyle and emotional and mental wellness.

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