It Takes Time To Heal & Regenerate

Western society is accustomed to insistent gratification. Therefore, when putting in little to no effort in a short amount of time. Most people are expecting huge changes and drastic results. When it comes to allopathic and western medicine approach is usually treatment based which suppresses the symptoms - this usually happens instantly after taking a pharmaceutical drug/medicine or going under the knife and getting something changed or cut out. When looking for natural holistic healing, this is surely not an overnight process for it took a lifestyle, and sometimes generations back, to develop weakened glands or organs and degenerative expressions of your genetic makeup. The average amount

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 Changing  Our Reality From Inside Out

        Please Note (Disclaimer:  We do not claim to be licensed physicians, therefore we do not diagnose or cure.) Felicia is a Certified Detox Specialist, Certified Clinical Iridologist and Regeneration Specialist, With the intent to empower her clients to assist their bodies in detoxification, healing, recovery process from toxins,unhealthy lifestyle and emotional and mental wellness.

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