Healing v. Treating 

By: Fe~Fe The Holistic Gypsy | Certified Detox Specialist Clinical Iridologist  | Holistic Coach | Holistic Health Practitioner 

Pills in apothecary bottle

Many of us may perceive or assume that these two words mean the same thing, but in actuality, they don’t – they’re entirely different. As a matter of fact, anyone outside of a licensed Doctor or Health Practitioner that has been indoctrinated in the western school of thought is not legally allowed to use the word “treat”. Like, you can really get sued or charged with a federal offense and thrown in jail.

When it comes to health, the word “treatment” implies, “to treat the symptoms or complaint that brings the “patient” to a Doctor/ Practitioner”. The treating Doctor/ Practitioner looks for ways to eliminate symptoms. This is why you are more than likely going to end up walking out from your visit with a prescription for medication to reduce the symptoms. However many of us are starting to awaken to the fact there is a dark side and many side effects that commonly arise when we take this approach.

If you are “ill”, your body is trying to communicate to you that it is out of harmony or imbalanced.

It expresses itself through many forms and goes through different stages before it becomes chronic or advanced – or should I say what western medicine likes to label it as, “Diseased”.
Some of the ways our body expresses itself are through heartburns, cold and flu-like symptoms, fever, gas, bloating, constipation, urine, stool, body odor, acne ( and other skin issues), body temperature, headaches, body aches and pains, sluggish energy, appearance, chronic fatigue, mood swings, other emotional states and more. As you can see, your body has many ways that it tries to let us know something isn’t right, but we are not programmed or trained to know what our body trying to say and barely know how to address it or how it works. That is another topic for another day, but so related to how most react and mistreat themselves.

We were not informed and/or misinformed and were really taught to abuse and misuse the body. When the body expresses itself, we are trained to ignore it and treat or suppress its expression rather than being taught to heal thyself or take preventive care, so one does not have to experience suffering and the body does not have to endure chronic imbalancemeant.

Even in the natural community, they have another word similar to treat or treatment and that is “remedy”. The only difference is that they will use natural ingredients that can’t be patented. Now, this approach comes with less risk of side effects and potential for doing as much damage. It is not only a much healthier option, it truly helps relieve suffering for people who are actually doing the work to heal their bodies. However, in most cases, it is common practice in this field too and most people are still addressing or remedying symptoms. Again, this is a level up from pharmaceutical medicines that have great dangerous side effects. Natural remedies usually eliminate the risk of side effects, but it is a temporary relief if you do not change how you’re living.

Let’s take it a step up from there. If habits and choices that led to imbalancement don’t change, you will continue to have bodily issues. In other words, if we in the natural community are not empowering our clients, but just handing you or their clients a product and not putting the power in your hands to help guide you to confront and analyze oneself and our poor habits or choices that lead to the symptoms or disease in first place, you are more than likely going to repeat what you don’t repair or allow one condition to turn into something more debilitating or chronic.






Many people are dependent on natural products or herbs rather than being empowered and getting to the root cause of the imbalancement to make the necessary changes to heal. Taking the natural route is great progress, so I’m not knocking that and it helps tremendously, but we should challenge ourselves to expand higher and more in consciousness and elevate to a place where we work in harmony with our body. We no longer have to live disconnected and in fear because we don’t truly know our roles and how to care and maintain balance in the body.

One must make the necessary changes to be empowered and live in harmony with oneself. In order for one to do this, one must have the will to change and take accountability for oneself and responsibility for one’s body, actions and habits in order to take their power and health back.




One must understand the holistic approach and that everything is intimately interconnected with what we do, what we don’t do, how we think, how we feel, environmental influences and our spiritual presence. So when the body is expressing symptoms or there is an emotional imbalancement, one must come into awareness of their thoughts, experiences, body health, mental state, emotions and more.

We must truly innerstand self and to understand self, we must scale inner wards and know we are not our minds, we are not our thoughts, we are not our emotions and we are not our bodies. These are different expressions we should be utilizing and is part of the human experience. We are the pure awareness behind it all, so, therefore, you no longer have to personally identify with your emotions – feel them, observe them, but don’t allow them to get the best of you and don’t be attached to them. We are not our “diseases”. You do have the power to direct and change the condition of your body and use it as a tool, but these expressions have their place and were created to be utilized in harmony with our consciousness. Now, this is not to excuse, dismiss, abuse and/or neglect our bodies, mind and/or emotions, but do not personally identify with them and not allow you to fall victim to them by allowing them to control you rather then you coming into consciousness, being aware of them and observing them from a holistic perspective and taking a holistic approach to correct them. For they were all designed to work in harmony with one another.



Here at Holistic Tribe Health and Wellness Club we not only take a holistic approach when analyzing matters, we strive to empower and be your support as you transition and evolve and heal yourself. We can give you the information to be aware of it, but to truly be empowered and transform your life, one must decide to implement and apply these teachings and practices to enhance their own life, take accountability and responsibility to evolve and expand for the better. Here we delve into mind, body, spirit, emotional healing and letting go of things that no longer serves us. Check us out. We have quality products and services to help make your Holistic Journey Easier.