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Eating Good Is A Form of Self Respect 

Fe~Fe is a Healer, Certified Detox Specialist, Iridologist, Holistic Coach and Spiritual Self-Empowerment Coach.  She promotes self-empowerment, natural healing through holistic lifestyle changes, detoxification and self-transformation. She is here to inspire and directly help others to become their greatest version, be self-empowered and continually grow. Changing our reality from the inside out, holistically.  

Growing up, she had early signs of health issues including asthma, chronic allergies, severe migraines, gut issues, and skin rashes. At the young age of 15, she discovered she had a tumor in her breast. She was rushed into getting surgery to get it cut out.


"It was scary and frustrating back then not knowing what was happening. You feel like you're out of control and overwhelmed at the complexity and fragmented views and outlook that caused more confusion and worry. I felt like a victim and my body was the predator. Not having or getting an answer that was going to empower me to achieve or experience my body's true healing potential left me stuck. For, I am the one living and experiencing life in this body. Shouldn't I know how to heal it or what's causing it to react this way? Shouldn't I know how to properly take care of it?" "Not knowing what's happening to your body or what to do about it is truly a very scary and disempowering position to be in. This is why we are so quick to suppress the body's expressions when they become too uncomfortable, inconvenient or unbearable for us. We are more than likely ignoring the subtle signs that your body was in distress. Sometimes we won't listen until something screams loud enough we can't possibly ignore it."


After that scare with the tumor in her breast, she would still uncontrollably break out in hives when she ate certain foods, not knowing what was causing it until 2010, in her Junior year of college. This is when she delved into holistic healing and got into her first all raw detoxification. After detoxing, she was able to heal herself of the random hives, rashes, and other symptoms which were mainly due to food allergies, the ripple effects of processed foods and a chronic overload of toxins. After her detoxification experience, she leveled up and started on her own quest for holistic health and wellness by incorporating botanicals and detox into her lifestyle. Since then, she has helped many people of all ages and backgrounds. Some of the clients she has worked with were able to heal themselves and completely reverse:

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome








Herpes Virus


Blood Pressure

Ulcerative Colitis

High / Low Blood Pressure



Post-Partum Depression

and the healing list keeps growing.


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