Holistic Living -The Story of Lisa!

Lisa is frustrated about her life, she does like her underpaid position at her job nor does she like her rude Boss. She feels as though they overwork her and she is unappropriated. She also frustrated in her personal relationship with a man she lives with but feels undervalued by him as well.

She tries to make the "best" out of these circumstances and for the next three years she continues working at the same job hoping for progress and trying to make her relationship work. With in those three years alot of struggle and stress, she went to several personal counseling sessions assuming that if only she vent these things out it would make her feel better, she started retail therapy, she even regressed on her daily eating habits to suppress her emotions about her circumstances. During Lisa 29th Birthday she went to get her annual checkup she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Panicking and in complete shock Lisa reflecting on her life and how she wanted to have a family and start her own spa salon. After dazing from her life flashing before her eyes, she snaps out of it and took a deep sigh ,realizing that she has to change her life and fast. Doctor came back ready to book her for treatment and surgery.

Before she decided to take that route she deeply new that this dis.ease was formed because of her lifestyle habits, how she emotional felt about her self causing her to tolerate and disloyal verbal abusive mate, a job that was undervaluing her and for her to continue for years trying to approach these circumstance as if they are isolated or separate issues. She started to go within way into herself isolating family and the Doctors voices to gain clarity of what she really wanted. Her higher self appeared, telling her that she needs to start working on healing her emotional body by acknowledge she has neglected many aspects of her self and her living against her will for all these years, also carrying childhood pains caused her to undervalued and abuse her self thru her mentality and physical activities, which physical manifested this " dis.ease". Realizing she has the capability to do the self work and to transform her life just as she manifested the things she didn't want Lisa knew that she can manifest the life and attract the things she does want if she works on her self worth. She decide to trust her inner voice and take the Holistic approach to changing her reality. I caught with Lisa few months ago and she is marriaged with two beautiful children, disease free, just launched her own spa salon. I am please to say that she doing very well. I too was Lisa, and to some degree we are or were Lisa too.

Holistic !

We seem to hear this word pretty often now and days, but not enough of us truly know what this means to take the holistic approach or to live holistically. I mention this word alot all over my page and my businesses are center around this word. It truly apart of my essence, I even created a business with this word in the title.So what does it all really mean ?

Holistic is the innerstanding and awareness that everything is intimately interconnected to the Whole or Oneness. Oneness, being "The All" aka "God" b.k.a "The Divine Creator" or some people know it as " The Source".

This can be looked at on a broad scale or a more narrow and subjective scale. For our day to day life when we are living holistically we are approaching situations in our life from this state of awareness.

Evaluating and observing how everything effecting us on a spiritual, mental, emotional and physical level. Looking at all these different angels of personal perspective and how it is impacting oneself, others and our reality. We have an understanding that if you separate and not look at one of these factors you will have a more challenging time progressing and failing to see the larger picture of connectivity with yourself and how reality mirrors and echos the effects, and our interaction in this reality. You see its all intimately interconnected to each other.

We are multidimensional beings and we can look at many layers of self , an its angels of personal perspectives from different angels on a micro or macro level depending on your focus . You hear the saying as above so below. Thats because what happeing on a macro scale whether it be in the cosmos aka the heavens or here on the earth down to what happening inside your body it all apart of the All. We are all apart of "The Divine Creator", The ALL" we are Infinite Divine beings experiences oneself subjectively.

Holistic Living is when your on your personal journey of being center and more whole with oneself. Therefore you aim to be balance and nourish your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical state.You know that all these different parts of you are all intimately interconnected and and if your not in the state of awareness of these aspects of yourself more then likely these elements someone outside of you can be Entertaining ( Enter. Training programming) your subsconscious mind to control these different parts of you for their benefits ( hints: that why entertainers or anyone that help keep or maintain this reality or paradigm people that can get in your psyche are the highest paid professions) That a article for another day.However, many people are becoming more in-tune and getting more align with Their "Inner Source" and they are inspiring and helping awakening others, it creating a ripple effect. You must have the desire and will power to start your awakening journey or should I say Holistic Journey and this a path of self discovery more then anything, as within so without. You will know everything outside of you that playing in your reality has everything to do with what you are apart of as well.

I know if your reading this article you have begun this process already with a conscious mind. The more your in state of awareness the more you deliberately control and change your reality to the way you would like. I truly believe we all want to be apart of the All we are all on individual paths

getting there some of choose to have many pit stops and detours to add to our experiences here. Because we are infinite beings this is a beautiful exciting continual journey of growth and expansion. I am so happy to be here to be a catalyst and help assist those to their self empowerment state.

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