I am so grateful for this last year. For I’ve grown so much. It’s been quite the emotional roller coaster, yet it’s been a beautiful one. For its a pleasure seeing my partner and children grow as well.

2017 truly was mostly about a lot of shadow work and mental blockages that surfaced this past year. So much so I couldn’t run or escape it. It was the year where I had enough stagnet energy to realize where I stood at energetically. Wondering why things weren’t correctly lining up for me because my frequency was not in tune where my heart needed to be. So I was forced to go within and got pulled into the dark side of myself. It wasn’t all pretty, damn sure wasn’t comfortable and it was actually scary at times.

Don’t get me wrong, we experience and accomplished a lot of great things over this past year. If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you’ve seen it all. 2017 was about expressing and revealing the fears, the pain, and the insecurities, so I can see myself and work on them. Now, I can let go and energetically unlocked blockages making room, so the fruits of my labor can actually grow. So this post is to emphasize the growth and the valuable life lessons I’ve learned. I am sharing my truth, for it took work to come into the alignment and realization of it. Enjoy !

Here are the top 13 Valuable Life Lessons learnt this past year.

1.) I’ve learned that we need to heal from our past. We still hold energetic memory of things we carry and haven’t dealt with from childhood and even past lives. We are here to transcend these engeries according to what our heart and soul wants and needs.

So life will seem to keep happening to you to get you to wake up and take control in the face of what’s going on internally to change your reality.

2.) Have self accountability for things you did and did not do. Both have consequences, both have a cause and effect. Once you awaken to reality and your power of impact and influence, you start to realize that life isn’t just happening to you, but from you. Even if there are things you’ve collected or unconsciously taken on to yourself energetically, life is reflecting your energetic frequencies and stored memories. Be mindful to not fall into traps where your looking for a leader outsider of yourself because at some point your exerting your power, mind and willpower over to escape self accountability and responsibility to do what iniataly feels right for you. For looking to a leader is limited for they can only take you so far. For we are all divine leader and the students. Lead yourself .So put more effort to do better as you awaken to know better. Do what you feel in your heart is right to do each moment at a time.

3.) I’ve learned that we need to be mindful of ourselves, our thoughts, our emotions, the senses of others around us and even the world at large. Stay aware and vilagent. Be careful what and who your listening to for that is also what you consume and can become apart of you. To practice mindfulness comes with asking yourself, “how am I feeling”, and being aware of it. Mindfulness is best practice by mediation or just sitting and observing this coinscious infinite awareness. I’ve learned to be mindful aka in active awareness mode.

4.) I’ve learned when to stand up for ourselves and the importance of protectng our marriage. For when two people join forces and morph into one it may ruffle many feathers around you. So with that comes challenges to taking a stance and living in alignment to your truth. So again we’ve learned to follow out heart and trust it.

5.) I’ve learned how to use emotions

We get caught up in thinking that we are our emotions and many of us are led by our emotions. It’s not that they aren’t important but leading with your emotions can lead to a lack of self control. When we feel discomfort or uncomfortable emotions, they should be used for awareness and help let you know you just received energies to potentially convert to what you choose. For emotions help let us know where we are energetically. That could be based on what we do or don’t do, what and how we think, what we currently are experiencing or what we are holding on to.

6.) I’ve learned that you must firmly lean into your truth. Those people who aren’t helping you will automatically distance themselves or in some cases, you will simply have to remove them from your reality. With that comes, emotions and discomfort and because you are morphing your energies and will now have time to self reflect and heal.

7.) I’ve learned that we must allow time to transcend and heal. Growth is a process that takes time.

We going experience discomfort and pain in our lives. Disappointment, fear, judgment of ourselves or other people’s judgments. Beware, we are all intimately interconnected and you will be impacted and influenced by others’ energies. But you have the power to decided at which degree and how much and what you do with it for energy can never be created or destroyed or transferred, so it is up to you to consciously decide what to do with the energy you have been give.

8.) I’ve learned to focus on priorities. Along the way comes beautiful spirits who are on your frequency, have the right intentions and are headed in the same direction in life.

9.) I’ve learned to practice self-care and have fun. It’s okay to take time out for myself and spend some fun, quality time, relaxing, make sure I am doing something to lighten the mood and something that I love and enjoy doing. When you do, it keeps you in the present moment, the now state.

10.) I’ve learned self-worthiness. Truly learning that I am desired and I am worthy. I’ve learn this by having compassion and innerstanding for self. Knowing and reminding myself that this a journey and that I am beyond my current experience, emotions and current distress. Learning to find balance in all situations moment by moment and do my best.

11.) I’ve learned to take time to innerstand self more. As a children, we naturally are connected in the state of our truth selves. That’s why we take everything in with no judgment, just a continual state of awareness and the subconscious mind is recording and acting out autonomously. So we do what we have been subconsciously programmed to do and mimicking what we see. Then from a toddler on up, we do what we have been told and taught. Since then, we have learned everything outside of ourselves before learning to innerstand self. As adults, it’s time to learn our inner true selves, be aware, heal and know we have the power to grow and transcend.

12.) Learning to have unconditional love for ourselves and for others is truly a continual work in progress. For this comes with more clarity as we learn or are in alignment to our trueselves and innerstand and overstand this.

We are made and created by the Infinite. When in this of knowingness, we are able to truly love ourselves and others around us. We are able to forgive ourselves and others around us. We are able to use discernment and be present and balanced. We will be at peace and feel connected to all things.

Sometimes we tap into the infinite stream of love without us knowing. We are trained and biologically conditioned to have conditional love but we have access and the potential to transcend past memories and our experiences to unconditional love. Infinite unconditional love doesn’t have boundaries or ending ...it is just infinite potential energy that can be and do all.

With that being said, we can’t fathom it but we are on our quest and we are all apart of Infinite Divine Energy that loves unconditionally. Part of our Purpose on this journey is to experience ourselves conditionally while energetically ascending to and expressing unconditional love. This doesn’t mean you don’t set boundaries and have standards for it all in name of balance. With setting healthy boundaries and standards comes people who will not respect or love themselves and will try to test you, but once you show you are firm that will respect your presence.

13.) Try to stay humble aka balanced or life will humble you if you don’t self check. I would self check because Mother Karma doesnt play 👀.

This ascension journey is an infinite one and it’s not always a walk in the park, but it is truly fulfilling and worth it. I love myself more and more and I am able to love others as I grow and ascend in unconditional love.

Happy 2018 !!!!

I hope you gain all that needed to gain and grow to have a prosperous and joyful Year. If you love this blog subscribe, share and send this to someone you love. What are some things you’ve learned in 2017?

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