MOON MAGIC: Why You Should Utilize The Cosmic Energy Of The Moon in 2020

What a perfect time to come back and return to my blog. When life gets overwhelming for me, I tend to drop my hobbies and leisure's to handle my business. Blogging and YouTubing are some of my joyful hobbies that I do on my leisure time. So I truly hope my subscribers inner-stand. It is truly a pleasure to be typing to you all.

The recent Full Moon energy amplifies me three days 3-6 days in its magnetic range, it always allowing me to focus on getting things done, reorganize things and put me in a creative space. That's exactly what lead me to come on here and write to you all.


So...I posted a photo of a jar of water with a crystal and note taped to it, a while ago my Instagram . In the caption, I was talking about prepping for my full moon ritual and programming my water. I gave details about the full moon ritual I performed and people started to ask me questions in my inbox, curious to know more. So in saying all that it lead me to write this blog post. I hope you enjoy!

These heavenly bodies above us are not there by accident, but divinely created and each has influence on us energetically on a cosmic level. The moon is the closet cosmic body to us here on Earth. It is understood that the Moon has great influences over the magnetic tides of the large bodies of water and we ourselves are made up of 72% water. So the influence of the moon is real within all living beings.

Many current and ancient cultures believe in following and honoring the moon along with its cycles. Some people harness these energetic influences and stay in flow with the the different stage in the cycles

Influences of the Moon

To go further in depth with a little more clarity on what the moon is and how it influences us,

the Moon represents the feminine energy that is in all of us. It rules our emotional,

creative, and nurturing abilities.

Energetically the moon is the negative charge or the electron magnetic energy. It draws in electrons. This is why we say the moon is feminine and magnetic. Also, our oceans are majority salt water. Salt water is a good conductor of electricity because salt breaks down into electrical charge particles called ions and water allows the electron to move around freely. So if you are truly following me here, you will see the energetic influences on our (salt water) ocean and the electro-magnetic fields of our moon.

As far as water itself, it is also a purifier and conductor for electromagnetic energy. That's why when we bathe, we feel recharged and when we drink water it helps carry information and refresh us.

The Full Moon energy amplifies your intentions, emotions and thoughts, no matter what frequency they are consciously or unconsciously vibrating on.So here is a little more information on the different cycles of the moon and type of rituals to do.

The Cycles of the Moon and types of rituals:

  • New Moon: A new cycle. An energy of new possibilities. Time to set your intentions for what you want to bring into your life

  • Waxing Moon: New growth, continued action, results will come about

  • Full Moon: The Magnetic energy is at its strongest here. High tide of power, amplifying creativity. This is a great time to charge your crystals to capture some of that energy and program water. Right after this stage, it is a time to release that which no longer serves you, what you no longer need in your life or an aspect of yourself that you have outgrown. This is also a great time to charge your crystal and capture some of that energy into water.

  • Waning Moon: Withdrawing, a sucking and pulling impact may feel little anxious, torn, confused great time to see both or all your different options and opportunities.

  • Dark Moon: A time to go within. Solitude. A powerful psychic time where revelations from deep within can emerge. It’s important to make space for the unfolding of spirit at this time in preparation for the new cycle and beginnings.

Full Moon Water Programming Ritual

Briefing: This ritual serves a few purposes; for positive affirmation, channeling your energy and utilizing the strength of Full moon energy to focus and direct it in the water and crystal.

Which you will be programming to amplify in your reality.

This ritual will allow your water to charge by you speaking intent into your water. You will then activate the power of the crystal that water is to recharge the cells in your body and become one with you.

Here a reference video about impact of words and water.I would advise any newbies to research further about programming water. I will write a blog elaborating my perspective on this topic at a later date.

1. Write down things you want to amplify in your reality (write it down as if it is already done)

2. Pour water in a clean clear jar/glass. Add sea salt if you choose (energy conductor)

3. You can add your favorite or specific crystal (recommend a quartz)

4. Tape the list/note on the glass/ jar (make sure it clear)

5. Read what you have written down to yourself out loud

6. Meditate for 10-15 mins on everything that's on your list

7. Go outside under the moonlight and read off your list as you breathe in and out with each affirmation focusing on where your third eye is.

8. Look up at the moon, breathe and absorb her magnetic energy. Think of all the things you just read being drawn and amplified in your life.

9. Allow the water to set directly under full Moonlight overnight.


You have programmed your moon-water

Set your intention and allow the moon to work it’s magic!

You can drink it throughout the week and give yourself 5-7 mins to keep the intentions in mind, that was programed,recite affirmations,visualize and feel it every you take a sip.

*Keep water in positive environment and in room temperature *

If you completed this ritual, I would love to hear your stories and how you felt during and after it also give some would love to hear how your manifestation or intentions came to fruition.

I will be doing more in depth videos content on this topics and more for our club members only.

For more content, videos, free pdf and access to quality online holistic health, healing and self empowerment services BECOME A MEMBER TODAY for only one time fee $7.

It can possible heal, save and change your life for the better.

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