What is Detoxification?

Detoxification is the key to self-healing and healing the body from any disease or illness and/or symptom(s).

It is a vital process and should be incorporated into your lifestyle. However, many people's bodies are not able to properly detox, yet alone eliminate waste from the body. This is due to toxic and taxing lifestyles, which put their bodies in a state where it is always trying to play catch up, is overworked, distressed or exhausted, which eventually causes deterioration of cell tissue, organ(s), gland(s), and even the bone structure. When the body is in this state with build-up from toxic waste, the body experiences illness or sickness - or what some like to call unpleasant symptoms or "disease ".

Most of us in modern days are born with a backed up and stagnated lymphatic system that was passed down from mother to child. Whatever it was, the snapshot of the genetic constitution or the integrity of the genes would depend on the lifestyle habits, cell function and the body's ability to properly detoxify the cell waste and toxins out of the body so it won't damage the genes. So, that's what you usually start off with. If you're lucky, now and days you won't have the accumulation effect which can cause you to have some chronic illness as a child or baby, even autoimmune issues. Now and days because there is an increase in processed foods, toxins and vaccinations but no increase and emphasis on detoxification the stats are now staggering.

The Lymphatic System:

The Lymphatic system is a delicate and vital system that plays an important role between sickness and health.

The lymphatic system, which to us Detox Specialists call the sewage system, carries cellular waste and toxins out of the body. Well it is supposed too when working properly. For it is the largest interstitial fluid in the body 3/4 more than the blood. The blood carries what you consumed or what we like to call nutrition to the cells and the lymph system carries out cellular waste from the body and its cells.

Unfortunately, this system is often overlooked in the mainstream health care industry and which puts a lot of emphasis on the blood, pathogens, bacteria, and viruses. However, this is clearly not the answer and causes more harm than good and people down that rabbit hole. Sadly, a lot of money is to be made off of people's ignorance and many people suffer and perish due to lack of knowledge.

Hard to imagine in this day and age, but very little is actually known or understood about the lymphatic system. Your lymphatic system is three times larger than the circulatory system. It is the system where 99% of all pain inflammation, diseases and conditions originate. It's your body's immune system, lipid carrier system, lubricating system and the lymph vessel is yellow because it is a lipid made up of cholesterol-based flow. It carries away toxic, acidic and cellular waste. When following a proper detoxification protocol to heal and detox when you clean the lymphatic system your pain your disease and conditions will cease to exist.

Detoxification reveals that all diseases are systematic symptoms, are real diseases and conditions are not.

As mentioned above we all to some degree start off with inherent toxins and if that's not enough, through time, consumption, product usage, chemtrails, toxic air, vaccinations, medications, drugs, chemicals we use through personal hygienic products absorbed through the skin and most importantly what we consume through what we eat make our body suffer more. The 4 Basic Processes that cause what we eat to become us eventually produce cell waste that will get dumped into the lymphatic system.

This system is found all throughout the body and has only 4 elimination channels we use to properly expel toxins for what comes in, must come out and as within so without.

The 4 Detoxing Eliminating Channels are:

  • Lungs (cleansing the respiratory system through breathing)

  • Kidneys (sedimentation in urine)

  • Skin (sweating and other discharges throughout the skin happens when kidney are backed up)

  • Colon (feces we should have 2-4 daily bowel movements per day)

Kidney Filtration:

Out of these 4 channels, the one that usually has the most trouble and is vital to proper detoxification is the kidney filtration. Most people are not filtrating let alone properly hydrated on the cellular level to filtrate and move lymph. The waste and toxins are dumped and move to get eliminated through the kidneys which is called kidney filtration. When the kidney and the body properly hydrates on a cellular level you should be able to filtrate waste from the lymphatic system. You should see sediment in your urine, meaning your urine should have some type of waste, 2-3 lbs of waste per day. I know, I know this is literally the opposite of what have we been told or taught. We were told our urine or pee should be clear according to western society, mainstream and the allopathic medical community. No matter what you have been led to believe if you are uring clear you are accumulating waste.

You are either accumulating lymphatic waste or you are removing lymphatic waste.

When on the proper diet lifestyle shift that is proper for our species which are predominately raw fresh ripened fruits and veggies. Yes, that's right, raw fruits and veggies are proper and predominant food we should be eating. The starch or process-based food is another miseducation that we need to unlearn to relearn the truth about ourselves, our cells, and how to take proper care of our vessel. What we we told to eat and how to eat is another story for another day, check the video library in the Tribe Member section for the content we delve more into these and various other topics at a later date. You can only go so far and won't be able to heal thyself without proper healing foods and herbs on this planet. Fruits are hydrating alkalinizing and nutritional which can cause instant detoxification symptoms in very toxic people or people who have heavy chronic backed up lymph stagnate waste.

Some people temporarily switch their diets to fruit-based diets for a few weeks and they experience detox symptoms and feel like the diet is to blame or the diet was not working. The first stage of detoxification is first to met with detox symptoms or what some like to also call a healing crisis, some people are what mainstream known as allergic to fruits and veggies, as a Detox Specialist we know these as detox symptoms. This will come to pass and we would suggest working closely with a Detox Specialist to properly get through this phase and grasp an understanding of proper detoxification. There is a fine-tuning to find the right rhythm where the approach is gentle but not too gentle so we get steady progressive in moving lymphatic waste through the eliminations channels.

Detox symptoms include; sore throat, cold flu-like symptoms, headache, body changes, bowel movement changes and more. When you get on the road to detoxification, this is a step in the right direction and during this process, depending on degree and severity level of toxins and accumulation as well the injury and time will depend on the type of detox symptoms you may experience. Detox symptoms are not to be suppressed or treated, this is medical thinking.

Detoxification is all about addressing the root cause and leads to the root of the obstruction or toxicity while addressing all genetic weaknesses seen in the iris report and health assessment. This is always healed through diet shift and proper detoxification. When you are looking to heal all major health issues and diseases, it's important to work with a skilled Detox Specialist.

When you learn to allow the body's expression, that is good, you can't suppress and expect to heal. One of the essential keys to healing and detoxifying is giving the body permission to move, flow and express so it can heal. This is why detoxification is a science and an art and this is what we Detox specialists are good at being the catalyst and guide for. We will delve deep into detox symptoms when working one on one or you can check out the files, pdfs or video library in the tribe member section for more information on that.

This is why I am here as a Detox Specialist, to help you learn and support you into proper detoxification and true healing. This is cutting edge information that Big pharma does want you to know. They spend millions every year suppressing this information even more now to censor the internet.