Natural Medicine v. Western Medicine

Natural Medicine vs. Western Medicine (Allopathic Medicine aka Pharmaceutical Medicine aka Modern Medicine). So many have misconceptions and may need clarity on these two approaches. I will later go into more depth about this in our private membership library. For there are many different branches that fall under these categories that could make this complex. However, I am going to make this simple yet as informative as possible here.

When developing or experiencing a disease most people are faced with two choices. Many usually don't know they have a choice but we all have it. The choices are disease treatment or detoxification.

Treating Diseases:

Treatment is usually addressing the symptoms and treating just that. This approach is not addressing the root cause. Now, the majority and a typically modern western person would automatically opt into taking the approach of disease treatment. There are a growing number of ways to treat diseases or Disease management, but as I said before, treating and healing are two different things. We have a Natural Medicine approach and an Allopathic Approach.

Western Medicine Approach

We can start off with Western Medicine (Pharmaceutical Medicine aka Allopathic Medicine). When addressing disease management or treating diseases, they have three types of treatments: chemical medicine or drugs, Radiation, and surgery. Pharmaceutical companies are heavily invested in this field and spend a lot of money and time developing drugs and training medical allopathic doctors in how to use these chemical drugs when treating diseases. Radiation is used for diagnostic procedures and for treatments especially degenerative or severally chronic diseases such as cancer. The last yet also very popular type of treatment is surgery, which is where you or a patient elects to get their body part cut out, adjusted or remove parts such as surgically removing tumors or fibroids etc. Curing diseases is not a part of the thinking of allopathic medicine. Allopathic medicine has only been around for the last 130 years and has grown quickly within that time. Allopathic drugs used to be called Pills and Potions

Natural Medicine Approach

There are many ways to treat diseases naturally. Overall, Natural Medicine is simply treating diseases with natural products. Natural products can be animals, mineral substances and/or plant medicine. Most natural medicine does not have any harmful side effects. Natural Medicine should still be used with wisdom because if certain natural ingredients or substances are overused it can create harmful effects. Although this happens far less than it does when taking the pharmaceutical approach it is still wise to be careful. In general, diagnostic procedures used in natural medicine include iridology, kinesiology, pulsing, hair or tissue analysis and many other non-invasive methods that are not harmful to people. Naturopathy is the purest form of healing, its alkalizing and detoxifying. Natural medicine is also known as traditional medicine for natural medicine as long as man and animals have been around. Detoxification is a system of healing oneself by getting to the root of the disease or cause. This is why so many are able to heal themselves from all types of illness or diseases using this approach.

To read more about detoxification and Healing v. Treatment, please check out these two articles here: The Difference Between Healing v. Treatment and What is Detoxification. Also, there is a self paced course I am currently in the works of completing and will be releasing soon. This course will teach about true Detoxification, health and healing oneself. If you are a member you will be able to purchase and have first access to this very soon.


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