It Takes Time To Heal & Regenerate

Western society is accustomed to insistent gratification. Therefore, when putting in little to no effort in a short amount of time. Most people are expecting huge changes and drastic results. When it comes to allopathic and western medicine approach is usually treatment based which suppresses the symptoms - this usually happens instantly after taking a pharmaceutical drug/medicine or going under the knife and getting something changed or cut out.

When looking for natural holistic healing, this is surely not an overnight process for it took a lifetime and lifestyle, and sometimes generations back, to develop weakened glands or organs and degenerative expressions of your genetic makeup. The average amount of time the body needs to detox, heal and rebuild one particular area of the body varies depending on what you are looking to heal, genetics, the health and strength of the cells genetically, the healing techniques and modalities, and level of commitment and time.

As a Regeneration Specialist, I am all about helping the body detox, reverse illnesses, diseases, cosmetic deficiencies and regenerate the body as a whole. However, I only help. The body does the real work. What one must realize is that they need to give the body a sufficient amount of time to detox, process, and rebuild. This would involve having patience and being consistent in the proper protocol to support the body’s detox and natural healing process by reducing the stress and toxins going into the body.

I highly encourage being adequately supported and informed on the journey in this process of what to expect, so one does not give up too early before the changes start sprouting. You can do this by hiring or booking holistic coaching services with one who specializes in holistic detoxification and regeneration.

You can check out the monthly coaching services I offer to help educate, encourage and empower you to reach your holistic health goals and help provide guidance and support during your healing process to increase the chances of having a successful detox and healing journey.

It is also important to know that there is a difference between healing and treatment. A while ago I wrote an article on the difference between healing vs. treatment.

Here is a link to that article: Healing vs. Treatment

Treatment is more about remedying the symptoms and working on making the body more comfortable with the imbalancement, or what we like to call it, sickness and diseases. Most of us holistic health practitioners like to call it ”pain management”. Treatment will help mask and manage the pain and symptoms, but usually will not help the body regenerate and heal.

Healing, well that takes time. It is a journey and is not a race. Especially deeper healing and regeneration of organs and glands. The more diligent you are as far as sticking to a protocol and the more in depth detox will be and the more efficiently you will heal.

How long it takes to heal depends on many factors:

  • Your genetic constitutions

  • How many inherited glandular weakness

  • How degenerate the organs and glands are

  • How much exposure you had and have to environmental toxins

  • How much of imbalancement in good and bad bacteria or overgrowth of fungus, candidiasis or yeast within the body?

  • How much stress you have in your daily life

Are you holding onto negative and past emotions that are unprocessed and buried deep in your organs and glands or tissue? Cells and water hold memory and consciousness or energy. Energy is never created or destroyed, but transferred. How much negative energy is being stored and transferred in you?

Your body knows and has the ability to alchemize these energies or what we like to call toxins and stagnation. However like I mentioned above, it depends on a multitude of factors.

Here is a chart of the different stages of detoxification and the general amount of time it takes to heal different areas of the body.


So as you can see your body has an internal clock and each cell has a life cycle based on their function and role. The key to true healing is respecting these cycles and working with them, not against them. If you are truly in need of coaching and support, please be sure to become a member and be able to book me for my holistic coaching services which would help assist you on your healing and detox journey to good health and wellness. Please remember that healing takes Time!

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