Brain Fog: Causes & Solutions

Brain Fog Causes & Solutions. This is a common symptom that many have experienced, myself included. Some are so used to experiencing this they may not know the difference since they have been in this state for such a long time. So much so that they forgot the contrasting feeling, like having clarity, being focused, being organized in thought, or being in a good or balanced mood.

Brain Fog is when you feel foggy, unclear, unfocused, disorganized, and it is hard to think. You even may find it hard to put your thoughts into words, it is as if your thoughts are clogged and you can be so overwhelmed by your thoughts that it is hard to focus on one. So many are jamming in one tube at once it is overwhelming or you feel like your malfunctioning. This usually also leaves you feeling grumpy, overwhelmed, highly agitated, and/or left in a distress state or mood.

Brain fog can be one of many bodily symptoms that you may be experiencing. As a Holistic Health Practitioner, I would typically look into the iris and ask my clients to fill out a self-health assessment to get a better understanding of other bodily symptoms and expressions.

Also, I would take a look at their current lifestyle habits and choices. 100% of the time, if you are experiencing brain fog, it is due to an imbalance (stagnation or blockage) of energy flow. This is the root and main cause that typically derives from a clogged colon.

"Brain Fog is Due to Your Gut Being Clogged"

Yes, most brain fog is due to a clogged, dehydrated colon, and lymphatic stagnation. Everything in the body is interconnected and the G.I. tract and brain have a strong relationship. Every organ and cell in the body relates to each other through the nervous system. The G.I. tract is connected to the brain through the vagus nerve. Some even are calling the gut the first brain. Nonetheless, the gut impacts your behavior, how you feel, and even your ability to think and how you think.

This is why many people in the natural healing field would say if you have frequent headaches, migraines, and brain fog it is suggested as a remedy to treat those symptoms with acupuncture in the neck and head region or by massaging the neck. This allows the pressure from the vagus nerve to release as much tension and stagnation as possible. This helps move stagnated energy that causes pressure in the neck, and head region, but is rooted in the gut through the vagus nerve. If you haven't already experienced getting a colonic or what is also called hydrotherapy and/or an enema, this can help remedy headaches, brain fog, and even back pain or pressure migraines, etc. Why, because the gut and the brain are connected. Notice I said remedy, which is a natural form of treatment of symptoms (keep that in mind).

I do want to clarify that you should not go out and abuse the use of these remedies. For if you do use hydrotherapy or acupuncture you should definitely use it in moderation with lifestyle changes being prioritized. We now know that the root cause and correlation of brain fog, headaches, and migraines is having a stagnated lymph system and gut. So the focus shouldn't be to temporarily remedy the symptoms, but rather on correcting and healing the root issue.

To truly heal, one must be open to a holistic perspective of how the body works intimately and interconnectedly. Once you have this mindset you would know that usually one bodily expression is never an isolated occurrence or event and you would look to naturally heal the body rather than treat the bodily expression.

I know we live in a treatment-based society. So many are so quick to take a shortcut to numb, cut out, and/or relieve the pain or bodily expression. Why? Because we feel it is inconvenient to feel the repercussions of your lifestyle. We in the western culture have acquired a very distorted view of how our body communicates with us and the sensation we feel is perceived as bad. It is typically highly discouraged and normally encouraged to take drugs to be suppressed or treat symptoms. Rather than working with the bodily symptoms to help promote true and natural healing.

The Danger in Just Treating Brain Fog

Many have felt like they escaped the dreaded bodily symptoms with this treatment-based approach, but don't dare and fail to look deeper. In all honestly, what usually ends up taking place is that when you are experiencing brain fog, migraines, and headaches, this is an acute symptom of bodily expression from lymph stagnation, usually a clogged gut. This is one of the many signals your body is letting you know that it is out of balanced and needs your assistance in correcting.

Most would and normally take the treatment-based approach to continue with the same lifestyle and never think twice. This is not resolving anything. It is like kicking the can down the road. Again, treatment is typically treating the bodily symptoms rather than addressing the root cause.

With this shortcut or quick fix mentality, it will eventually lead to more severe bodily malfunctions. In other words, if you don't change your lifestyle when experiencing brain fog or any other unpleasant feeling that we are taught to treat and/or suppress, it is a deadly and dangerous game that many are encouraged to play. This can lead to a silent accumulation of stagnation, other bodily expressions that are typically ignored, suppressed, or treated as well. So toxicity continually builds up to where the body becomes overwhelmed in all the backed up clogged stagnation and toxicity. Old layers and new layers of crap. One's body may struggle or not even communicate the same way. With time and continual lifestyle habits, the body then goes in a state from chronic to degenerative. And one would continue to ignore this bodily expression until they are diagnosed with a new label, name, or identity. All the while still ignoring the root issues, typically on medication(s) or even having a personal aid or assistant at this point and/or surgery. Once again the root cause has never been corrected so one may go from brain fog, headaches, upset stomach, and constipation that was likely ignored or treated by remedy or drugs then leading to degenerative states such as neurological damage and cell damage such as dementia, alzheimer's, and cancer. Not to mention all the side effects from the treatment of these degenerative states. These are more advanced degenerative stages from neglect and avoidance of addressing the root cause. This is why I highly emphasize healing oneself holistically.

Cultivating A Mindset for Holistic Healing

To cultivate a mindset for holistic healing, we would have to first hold ourselves accountable for our own health. Rather than put it in another's hands or healing modality to just numb, take the pain, or treat the symptoms away. As mentioned above, we know the fate of those who have taken that approach.

The treatment-based approach is an imbalance of power and a distorted way of thinking about health. Yes, these treatments are natural and can help aid in the healing process, as long as the person in the body is accountable and implementing long-lasting changes that correct the root cause of the imbalance. Western medicine normally excuses the responsibility from the main contributor and factor, the driver of the vessel. The driver of the vessel is also the experiencer, who is living and has the potential to better control and implement the changes necessary to work with their body rather than treat the symptoms. This is where the distortion lies because one would act as if they are not the driver of the vessel once they experience certain bodily symptoms that seem to be inconvenient and unpleasant. It is similar to one who is a reckless driver and disassociates with being held accountable when they get in a car wreck by starting to question everything else, but themselves.

A healing based mindset is the approach one must be open to learning. This comes with a view of the body from a holistic standpoint. The experience of the body and other aspects such as spirit, mind, and emotions are all correlated and interconnected. Just as the gut and brain.

You don't isolate the issues but work with the other aspects of the body in mind when healing the body.

Be able to learn how to work with the body, if you don't know how then go to someone who knows how. One who understands the bodily expression and changes that need to be implemented to work in harmony with the body. Be willing to help yourself by helping and working with your body. Typically this person, that you would go to is going to hold YOU accountable to the necessary changes that you need to make and recommend a healing modality or treatment along with the necessary implementation of lifestyle changes. This includes the elimination process of poisoning oneself via food, consumption on /in the skin, breathe, injection, and ingestion. So that leads me to my next suggestion, be open to purging or detoxing in order for the healing to take place. Confidence in this part comes with the understanding and flow of energy and how detoxification plays an instrumental role that must be implemented into one's lifestyle. Detoxification is a missing key to the holistic healing journey to achieve a balanced state of health and wellness. Lastly, when it comes to cultivating your mindset for holistic healing, one must stop doing or surrounding yourself with the things that led to the body being in this imbalance state.

Holistic Healing:

When you focus on cultivating healthy balanced gut health through the implementation of healthy eating habits, fasting, proper cellular hydration, adequate sunlight, being outdoors, good quality of sleep, exercising, and incorporating detoxification. You will start working toward balancing out the bodily imbalances which will not only address brain fog but work with the body to bring it to a balanced healthy state.

Healthy Eating Habits

Let's delve more into what is considered, "Healthy eating habits". If you haven't worked with me one on one and you are new to me and my work, this may be vague and can cause confusion.

So as a Holistic Health Practitioner, healthy eating habits are eating live, electrical, hydrating food to encourage fluidity and the continuation of the body's flow. This would include food that is classified as fruits. All so-called imbalances are due to the stagnation of energy flow. I highly emphasize the importance of eating fruits mainly for flow and high vibrations or what some would like to call electrically charged foods to help cleanse the clogged and stagnated lymph and is easier for the body to recognize and digest (We will get into this more at a later video or article). This is usually due to eating processed, dead cooked food that is stagnated and low in energy, typically this is one who is experiencing brain fog. This means it is low in vibration and fluidity. When this type of "food" is consumed and causes the body to lower its state in vibration it just perpetuates stagnation within the body. So eating hydrating food helps with proper hydration, but that also comes with eliminating or strictly limiting cooked, dead, processed, and dehydrating food. This is not only counterproductive in cellular hydration, but can lead to obstruction, acidity, dehydration, stagnation, inflammation, and all other imbalances. Many don't want to give up this so-called comfort food that helps us cope with the imbalance of energy and way of living. However, this leads to physical imbalances such as the clogged gut, lymphatic stagnation, accumulation of waste, and toxicity which then leads to the breakdown of organs, glands, nerves, and cell function.


If you acquired this type of healthy eating and maintain proper hydration level as a primary lifestyle this alone can go very very far with your health and wellness journey. However, fasting is also a way to help assist the body further but requires proper cellular hydration and proper healthy eating habits to truly utilize its healing capabilities. When dealing with Brain Fog you must first incorporate healthy eating habits and eliminate the poor ones. Otherwise, it can be dangerous and can lead to more damage without a balanced approach. Properly utilizing fasting can have extremely miraculous regeneration and healing effects on your overall health and well-being. You can also use fasting for preventative measures. Fasting gives the body a break from continual consumption to give the body more time to work on any weaknesses, obstructions, and imbalances it may not otherwise have a chance to get to with the continual and consistent consumption of food and other lifestyle impacts. At a later date, I will further go into proper fasting and all of its great benefits.

Good Quality of Sleep

Getting good quality of sleep not only is good for our mental and emotional health but is usually the only time the body has to process energy stored and consumed throughout the day. So when you are not getting proper sleep you may have noticed an increase in brain fog, headaches, etc., because the body didn't have the little downtime it normally gets to help keep you functioning. So the quality of sleep and consistent sleep is key to helping assist the body in restoring balance.


Exercising has many benefits. Exercise helps increase body movement and flow which helps move lymphatic stagnation and increases circulation which would help the bowels move. Exercising is helping aid the body by moving energy and reduces stress that is usually stored and carried in the body, and other stagnated energy. This gives the body more ease and frees up energy so you now have more energy to work on other stagnated areas.

Sunlight & Being Outdoors

Vitamin D and being connected to nature has endless benefits. After all, we are apart of nature and this has countless benefits to reduce stress, help to improve your mood, increase immunity, increase exposure to microbes, increase gut microbiome, and regulates your mood. The earth and ground of the earth even absorb your stress which others like to call grounding or earthing. Also, the trees and plants thank you for just breathing. It is a natural and holistic relationship just by stepping outside in nature.


And lastly, but not least, incorporating detoxification into your lifestyle will help the input and output flow of energy. You can properly detox without eliminating the bullshit. Which, in short, brain fog is due to a clogged system and as mentioned above, why detoxification is key to balanced health and wellness. (To Read What is Detoxification click here)

I hope you found this article to be insightful and more so helpful and empowering to make a difference for yourself and your holistic health.

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