What is Iridology ?

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We all have heard that the eyes are the windows to the soul and as a Clinical Iridologist, I am here to tell you, they are. Our eyes reflect what's happening inside the body and the health of cells and tissues in the body. Thus, they reflect what's going on energetically and holistically with the body.

Iridology is a way I can see what is going on inside your body on the cellular level through the eyes. It’s known as a non-invasive soft tissue analysis to see current or forming weaknesses or issues and their location in the body. Unlike X-Ray, MRI, and Cat scans with these your only able to see dense harden tissues. Iridology has been used for over 500 years as far as we know it and has been progressing with various well know contributors progressing the science and discovery of methodology. Today Iridology is used in health care professions all over the world. It's very profound sciences give its unique ability to analyze soft tissues and interconnectedness of all the tissues within the body.


When reading the iris, I and other Iridologists are able to see the toxicity, congestion level of stagnation (dehydrated lymph, dead cell tissues, and old toxic waste) and it's current stagnate location in the body. So I know your next question is probably something like this…

 How does toxicity form and store inside the soft tissues anyway and how is it seen in the eyes?


Well, great question. We pass down and inherit our genetic codes, called genes, from our parents. They can either strengthen or weaken the genes they give their offspring by lifestyle habits, choices, and exposure to chemicals and toxicity.






Lifestyle Choices
You are what you eat or should I say food becomes you. Yes, we have all heard this saying. Since the industrial/commercial age, food and simple healthier and natural lifestyle choices have declined for generations. Eating fast food, processed food, chemically altered foods such as refined sugars, dairy products, refined flours, pesticides, genetically engineered orgasms, preservatives, high protein diets, artificial sugars, colors, flavorings and more.

As time goes by and we have more artificial conveniences to be more productive, the quality of our food gets worse thus causing a chain reaction. Not to mention the drugs and chemicals that are laced in the food, drugs, medication, vaccinations and all the chemicals in our everyday hygienic and beauty products.



The Ripple Effect
Our body nowadays is overtaxed and usually, overworked from trying to combat the above everyday lifestyle habits and consumption. Being in that overworked state for a certain period of time causes genetic weakness or what is known as chronic symptoms or diseases. Now we are seeing major health issues and an increase in genetic weaknesses which cause an increase in people getting a chronic disease or becoming chronically ill. We also keep seeing an increase in younger aged adults and children living with chronic diseases, illness, pains, and autoimmune issues that lead to medications and codependency on supplements or western medicine.

Depending on the stagnation and the build-up of acidosis, also known as toxicity, which creates a ripple effect of inflammation, discomfort or what we know today as "disease". The body’s ability to eliminate this toxicity before accumulating is determined by the genetic strength of the cells and their ability to perform efficiently based on the expression of genes, toxicity level passed down from mother to baby and a combination of thereof, mixed with personal lifestyle choices. The toxins that are passed down at birth from the Mother and the various weakening genes have a cumulative effect on a cell's health and ability to function effectively. This will be expressed in various degrees of symptoms in different areas of the body based on the stagnation of genetically weaker areas. The timeframe to start feeling and seeing symptoms may be extended or shortened based on your lifestyle choices, genetic inheritances, and toxins passed from your mother.

Cell Health
As far as cells, we are just literally made up of hundreds of trillions of cells and two fluids in the body: blood and lymph. A cell's health is based on nutrients supplied by our blood which takes in what is absorbed into the bloodstream usually by what we eat and our body's ability to absorb the nutrients based on our level of genetic weakness and stagnation (that's another topic we'll delve deeper into on another day). It is important to understand the interconnectedness of your body because the less stagnation of toxicity and proper hydration to exchange energy will keep lymph and blood flowing throughout the body. This flow determines the body's ability to absorb nutrients, which affects the cell's health.


The cell's health affects our physical health overall which includes our mental health and the cell's ability to function as well. The health of the cells is dependent on the hydration of the cells, not only to absorb nutrients but to be hydrated enough to cleanse cell waste and dead cells as well. Cells eat, eliminate, utilize energy and have an end to their life cycle. As within, so without. So, therefore, image all the cell waste and dead cells that need to be eliminated which is why hydration is needed to keep the fluidity of a cell's function to intake energy, output energy and release waste. The lymphatic system is the channel that connects through the entire body for cellular waste and toxins to move and exit out of the body through the kidney’s filtration.


If the cells are not properly hydrated, the waste and old dead cell tissues become stagnate and accumulate, thus causing toxic buildup, a decrease in performance and room to receive nutrients causing over taxation on the kidney. This can cause poor kidney filtration, which is when the body is not able to properly move waste out of the body. We have 4 elimination channels. Kidney filtration is one of them that is very essential to cell health.



Eye Colors
When studying and reading an iris you have the ability to see toxic and congestive levels within the body. This can totally change the color of the iris itself. Toxicity levels and the degree of accumulation or age of the toxicity has a profound effect on the fibers of the iris. An example of this is when chronic congestion develops in the body; the iris can change a blue-eyed person into a brown-eyed person. Or if heavy sulfur is present in the body, this can cause hazel looking eyes. We have seen that as we detox this out of the body, they will change to blue. When a genetically brown-eyed person's eyes change to a very dark brown eye color, that is usually a sign of chronic stagnation. Toxic medications like sulfa drugs, antibiotics, etc, can accumulate in the tissues of the body and change the iris color as well. These toxins can be passed down from mother to baby, which can cause children who truly have blue or brown eyes to come with various different colored eyes based on the level of chemicals and toxicity stored in the cells and tissues. This is reflected in the eye color. As you clean your lifestyle up you will be able to see your eyes change because you have been taking care of yourself (your cells). Iridology has the ability to take a snapshot of the cell tissues making up to be what we know as organs, glands, and tissues.






 This eye appears brown and within the time of detoxing cleaning and changing eating habits and what has consumed this eye is now beginning to reveal the true eye color which is blue.

Benefits of Iridology

You can use an iridology reading to gauge where you are on your health journey. Based on your reading or detailed iris report combined with our recommended detox plan, regenerative healing techniques, and lifestyle changes which include incorporating raw fruits and veggies and eliminating processed food and cooked food high in protein. Detoxification with an Herbal Protocol to help eliminate toxins and strengthening your cellular weaknesses will remove your build-up of toxicity within.

Gain clarity; Knowing your body's weaknesses is vital in truly understanding "why" you experience what you do and how to correct these conditions. It is used as a guide to healing the root cause of your health issues with consistency and time while strengthening genetic weaknesses.

Iridology can also be used for preventative measures to analyze our current state so we have the ability to change and strengthen weakened or stagnated areas of the body. Also to work on restorative measures by creating a health analysis and holistic health protocol that will lead you well on your way to healing and restoration.

If you are not already a member of our Private Online Holistic Health and Wellness Club,  Become a member today and check out our services that include an iridology reading via email, phone or video chat with a detailed iris report. Include a customized detox protocol as well as a personal food program to start your healing and holistic transformation journey today and help clean, prevent and/or heal and restore your health and wellness. We also have monthly coaching or you can book holistic consultation for support. Your Health is worth beyond the investment. One of our mission and goals here is to leave our clients self-empowered and better than when they started.


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